Learn nearly 500 expressions, sayings and idioms

Learn nearly 500 expressions, sayings and idioms

That might seem like a lot but it is possible! The expressions have been carefully packaged into 18 short lessons each containing around 20-30 phrases. You can learn 30 expressions, can’t you? I’m a good teacher and I know how to make it easy for you.

The areas covered are:
- l’alcool et les fêtes (alcohol and parties)
- le sexe, l’amour et l’amitié (sex, love and friendship)
- l’apparence (appearance)
- bon appétit (eating out)
- le bonheur (happiness)
- les jeux et le sport (games and sport)
- la santé (health)

Professionally illustrations help to make expressions more memorable

Illustrations to make expressions more memorable

Poser un lapin à quelqu’un (literally to put down a rabbit to someone) is to stand someone up. How can you possibly forget that once you have seen that forlorn young woman looking down at that rabbit? Impossible!

See examples of how the expressions are used

See examples of usage

It always helps to see how you would use an expression in real life. I’ve given an example for every expression and have translated it into English.

Learn the history behind the saying

Mais pourquoi? A little bit of history

Sometimes, knowing a little about the origin of an expression will help you to remember it. For example faire la java means ‘to live it up’ or ‘to have a wild time’. La java was a popular waltz played on the accordion which appeared in Paris in the 1930s. It was joyful and loud.

Cultural titbits

Understand cultural references

Classic French film, book and song titles often use idiomatic French expressions. Learn to understand those cultural references such as Les quatre cents coups and pick up some recommendations on the way.

The register tells you when it's appropriate to use each expression

Can I use it on my boss?

You need to know whether each expression is appropriate in a certain work or social situation. That’s why I’ve included the register. If it’s normal, you can use it on anyone but if it’s very familiar, you should use it just with your friends.

Test yourself

You don’t get away with it that easily! Once you have studied a section, go to the multiple choice quiz and test yourself on it. Even though the choices can be tricky, you’ll be amazed by how many you know by the time you reach the testing stage. When you think you know all the expressions, go for the super challenge of the random category.


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