by Clare Jones
These days we are totally spoiled by the choice of websites we can access as language learners! I have put together here a list of my very favourite websites which I go back to time and time again.

Linguée English-French dictionary for translators. Search for a word or a term and you will get a list of suggestions in a range of contexts which have been submitted by translators.
Comme Une Française – Géraldine’s wonderful videos explain French language and culture in English.
Français avec Pierre – Pierre and Noemie are very endearing! There are podcasts and videos where French language is explained in clear and simple French with a transcript below.
Français Authentique  – Johan creates podcasts and videos explaining French language and culture in clear French.
One Thing in a French Day – in these podcasts Laetitia talks about her day in French. You can access free material or pay for the full text and exercises.
Podcast Français Facile Vincent makes podcasts to teach French in French. He creates dialogues and also goes into more detail in short videos.
AudioLingua snippets of French (and other languages) contributed by members of the language-learning community.
FluentFrench for pronunciation and I particularly recommend David Tolman’s oral gymnastics course.
Geri Metz provides some free sample lessons on her site Her pronunciation lessons are also free on YouTube.
Forvo a pronunciation dictionary – you can search to see if someone has already provided a sound file for the tricky word you need help with and, if not, you can put in a request for someone to make one for you.
For grammar and much more: Lawless French. Laura K. Lawless used to host the AboutFrench website but now has her own excellent site.
1jour1actu – videos explaining current affairs made easy for French children.

What are your favourite language-learning websites? Please share your ideas by leaving a comment.

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A bientôt!

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Clare Jones was born in the North of England in 1960. She fell in love with the French language at the age of 11 and went on to study it to degree level at Leicester University, where she also became a qualified teacher. In 2011 Clare collaborated with Tamsin Edwards to produce an iPhone application, “Figure out French, Rouler un patin: to give a French kiss and other French expressions for leisure and health”. Though she now lives in England, Clare always has her nose in a French book and she surrounds herself by all things French. She is currently very busy teaching French as a private tutor and when she has the time, she writes a blog on the subject of the French language (click on the blog tab to read it). Clare enjoys tai-chi, swimming, and cycling in the local country park. She is also an enthusiastic member of her local community choir.

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Tamsin Edwards studied art at both Nene Art College, Northampton, and Derby School of Art during the early 1980s. Though well known for her atmospheric watercolour landscapes, Tamsin also creates quirky pen & wash illustrations, often portraying comic images of people and places. Tamsin has already collaborated with Clare Jones to produce an iPhone application. Past commissioned projects also include the children’s storybook ‘Tales of Two Shires’ and a book of poetic verses. As well as regularly exhibiting work and selling to clients around the world, Tamsin has also had several paintings published in an international magazine. To view further examples of her work or to buy original artwork from this book, please visit Tamsin can be contacted at

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