Je mourrai moins bête

By Clare Jones

My thanks go to Tony Price of Weldon, Northants for sharing with us his favourite French expression: être sur le qui-vive – ‘to be on the alert’. Tony was the winner of our recent competition in conjunction with Village Connect magazine to receive a copy of my book Je mourrai moins bête: 200 French expressions to help you die less stupid’. Tony writes:   “My favourite French expression is:-   être sur le qui-vive   which I may have found in a novel.   It perfectly described the 24/7 behaviour of our neighbour in a small French hamlet.  Any noise or activity triggered the release of Lassie (!) the barking Jack (Jacques?) Russell, closely followed by its owner to see what was going on and pretend to discipline the dog.”

What is your favourite French expression? Do you know a good French expression to describe a nosy neighbour? Please leave a comment.   Please don’t forget if you have read and enjoyed the book to leave a review on, or

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About the author

Clare Jones was born in the North of England in 1960. She fell in love with the French language at the age of 11 and went on to study it to degree level at Leicester University, where she also became a qualified teacher. In 2011 Clare collaborated with Tamsin Edwards to produce an iPhone application, “Figure out French, Rouler un patin: to give a French kiss and other French expressions for leisure and health”. Though she now lives in England, Clare always has her nose in a French book and she surrounds herself by all things French. She is currently very busy teaching French as a private tutor and when she has the time, she writes a blog on the subject of the French language (click on the blog tab to read it). Clare enjoys tai-chi, swimming, and cycling in the local country park. She is also an enthusiastic member of her local community choir.

About the illustrator

Tamsin Edwards studied art at both Nene Art College, Northampton, and Derby School of Art during the early 1980s. Though well known for her atmospheric watercolour landscapes, Tamsin also creates quirky pen & wash illustrations, often portraying comic images of people and places. Tamsin has already collaborated with Clare Jones to produce an iPhone application. Past commissioned projects also include the children’s storybook ‘Tales of Two Shires’ and a book of poetic verses. As well as regularly exhibiting work and selling to clients around the world, Tamsin has also had several paintings published in an international magazine. To view further examples of her work or to buy original artwork from this book, please visit Tamsin can be contacted at

Author Photo

Illustrator Tamsin Edwards (left) and author Clare Jones (right)

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